Flipside Bride Wedding FAQs

You’ve probably got loads of questions, right? And why not – this is YOUR wedding. So you need to be 100% happy with your decisions my lovely one.

I’ve tried to clarify as many things as my tiny brain will allow, see below. But if I’ve had a cognitive cock up, please feel free to get in touch, and we can have a chat.

Do you only offer bespoke services?

Most of the things I create are in collaboration with my lovely couples. So, kinda.

However, I also offer a packages service, where you can mix and match from a range of Flipside designs. I occasionally sell my display pieces, when I run out of room! Take a look at my Etsy shop to see what’s on offer.

The shop also has quirky accessories for you to buy whenever you feel the urge

I don’t really know what I want!

Do any of us? Yes – chocolate. And maybe rum. If you’re struggling to figure out what you want, you can;

  • Come and see me at a fayre, and have get a feel for which bouquet is right for you
  • Drop me a message via the contact page and we can figure it out together
  • Use my package service, and cut down your options
  • Leave it up to me! Just tell me your colours/theme/rough style and I’ll work my magic.
Can I copy a bouquet you’ve already made for someone else?

Course you can my love. Just send me a picture, and we’ll take it from there. But please do remember, everything is handmade in the Flipside Design Cave. I’m reliant on button/charm/material suppliers, so things may not be 100% identical. But who want’s that, right?

What are the different types of bouquet you do?

Everything is unique, and has its own feel, but my creations tend to fall into categories;

  • Felt & Charm – my fave!
  • Paper – roses, stars and paper flower mixes.
  • Swirls – glitter or comic/sheet music
  • Felt Botanical
  • Mixed media – anything combination of the flowers I have craft, including glitter swirls.
Which size should I pick?

Felt & Charm bouquets tend to be smaller than real florist bouquets, so keep that in mind. Botanical bouquets tend to be larger as the flowers are more true to life. As I hand craft everything, I can create any size of bouquet your little heart desires.

Go big or go home right? I tend to recommend large or medium bouquets for brides, and medium or small bouquets for bridesmaids.

How are they made?

By pixies in the wee small hours.

I don’t use bouquet holders, handles or oasis. Each bouquet is hand shaped, without using any kind of template or form. My bouquets are sturdier than real flowers, and will hopefully become a family heirloom. Each stem is hand cut, wrapped for extra strength, and lovingly put together by little me.

Can I say what charms I want?

Abso-flippin-lutely! That’s part of the appeal of Felt and Charm bouquets, and it’s why I love them. I had one bride recently who asked for chickens, pugs, cats, seashells and Cornish pixies! I had great fun with that design!!

I can add in family brooches, photos, earrings, medals, service buttons…..loads of things. If you would like to include something precious, getting the item to me safe and sound is totally in your hands my love. I take no responsibility for Postman Pat loosing your Great Nana’s bracelet.

So please do ask away – your bouquet is a reflection of your personality, so let it shine.

How soon should I order?

It depends on what kind of bouquet you would like, and how far along you are with your wedding planning. If you have a good idea of what you would like, get in touch as soon as you can – that way we’ll have loads of time to source materials and settle on a design. On the flipside, don’t order years in advance as you may have a change of heart! Four to six months for Felt and Charm bouquets is about right. I need less time for the paper bouquets, as there tends to be fewer ingredients to hunt for.

How does the design process work?

The design process involves you every step of the way, making it a highly personal, bespoke service. Once your 50% deposit is paid, we’ll make a start on finding the perfect shades for your creations, then we agree detailing such as charms/beads/stitch work (if applicable. I’ll send loads of pictures at each step of the way, so that we can tweak as we go.

You’ll get to approve the flowers etc before they are formed into the final creation. On completion, you’ll receive more photos (sorry!) for final approval. Once the balance has been paid, your gorgeous order will be delivered.

How will my order be delivered?

All orders are carefully packaged, with ridiculous amounts of hot pink bubble wrap! For UK based couples, I will hand deliver if distance allows, or use Special Next Day Delivery.

For international customers I use International Signed For.

All postage methods are fully insured. However, any customs charges are the responsibility of the customer. I’m afraid I’m not accountable for delays due to customs.

Wahoo – I’m ready to place an order! What do I do?

Fill in the contact form. Let me know as many deets as possible, such as wedding date (f known), colours, themes, a bit about your personality, and which designs make you go ‘oooooooooo’.

I’ll answer within 3 working days. Shout if you haven’t had a reply, and please check your junk mail folder

A quote will be worked up, with different prices options (if appropriate)

Once you approve the quote and initial design, a 50% deposit is required. You then pay 10% monthly until your creation is ready for sign off. Once you’re stupidly in love with the things I’ve made for you, the balance is due before delivery.

What happens if I change my mind?

Minor design changes will be absorbed at no extra cost.

Major design changes, such as totally new colour schemes, different bouquet styles etc, will result in a loss of deposit, and a new quote.

If the order is cancelled, the deposit is non refindable.

If you cancel once your creations are complete, but before final payment, I will endeavour to sell them on your behalf, and recoup some money for you. However, as these are bespoke items, it may take a while and cannot be guaranteed.

Because of the nature of my creations, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can’t accept returns for bespoke or personalised orders

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

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