7 Ways To Save On Your Wedding

by | Apr 17, 2018

Wondering just how chuffin much your wedding is going to cost?

Don’t stress it – check out these 7 Flipside tips to save your wedding budget

1. Crowd Fund your honeymoon – with an extra 20% off from me!!

Mr Flip and I used Buy Our Honeymoon, it’s a fun online service which can be tailored to your own personalities and likes. It’s super simple to set up, and you can keep adding to it if your mates prove to be uber generous. You can create your honeymoon gift list for free. After one week’s no-obligation free trial, you’ll need to make a single, one-time payment if you want to continue using your list. The lovely pixies at Buy Our Honeymoon have set up a special offer just for you Funky Flipsters – use code FLIPSIDE to get a whopping 20% off the one off fee. You’re welcome! 

It’s a totally stress free way of getting what you want, rather than what your Nana thinks you need. (Not more towels, please!) You can even get little info cards to include in your invites. Our list included stuff like:


  • Keep the love going with welcome cocktails
  • Help entertain Little Flipster by buying her first airplane teddy from duty free
  • Buy 100 miles of air travel
  • Save my sanity with a trip to the hotel spa

You get the idea. And people really don’t mind at all. It’s much easier for your guests to click a link and donate, rather than schlepping around shops to buy a toaster you don’t need.

Use code FLIPSIDE to get 20% off!!

2. Timing is everything!

I know you’re probably super excited, and your first instinct is to rush out and SPEND SPEND SPEND. I’ve said it before, but I will keep repeating it – don’t rush in! Time is the ally of a healthy bank account my friends.

  • Don’t rush in, take time to save and plan. Ask for money for birthdays, Easter, Christmas etc.
  • Put any money you do receive in a different account!
  • Aim to get married in a few years, and keep your eyes peeled for sales.
  • Take time to build relationships with suppliers, and you may get freebies and offer codes.
  • Don’t get married on a Saturday! Absolutely the most expensive day of the week.
  • Avoid high summer. Yes, your photos will be stunning, but can you really afford to spend thousands extra? Photographers are modern day wizards – they will make you look like a superstar no matter what that hot ball in the sky is doing. Off peak weddings will be way cheaper. No brainer.

3. Have a cooling off period

This is something I really struggle with; my ever-expanding button stash is evidence of this! No matter what you’re about to spend money on, stop and think ‘Is this worth it?’ ‘Do we really NEED this?’ ‘What are we buying this for?’ ‘Do I really need a fullsize unicorn?’ (The answer is obviously, hell yes.)

If you’ve been good pixies and saved your money in a different account, don’t make it easily accessible. Making it a pain in the arse to get your pennies will give you chance to cool off.

4. Venues without strings

Go and view lots of venues, from stately homes to yurts. It’s vital that you ask as many questions as possible about what is and isn’t included.

  • Can you use your own vendors? This includes food, drink, music etc. If you can, it’ll give you chance to shop around.
  • Beware Hidden Extras. Does the package include the things you truly want? If you have to add extras in, what’s the unit cost? If you suddenly have to invite five cousins you never knew existed, how much will the extras cost- chair sashes, meals, favours, even rooms, the list goes on. You could be looking at hundreds.
  • Go for non-traditional venues. Country parks, Wildlife parks, restaurants, museums – be as quirky as you want.

5. Rock the frock without the Beyonce Budget.

There are lots of suppliers on line who offer cheaper, but still quality wedding dresses. Search out companies like Kitty & Dulcie, and Lindy Bop for gorgeous bargains. Or if your budget is a little larger, I can highly recommend Bridal Reloved. They have lots of stores dotted about the country, and absolutely stunning dresses on offer.

Once you have a blank canvas, you can make your look your own with accessories, like these beauts from me! Add a pop off colour with a bespoke flower belt from £35, or badges and shoeclips from the Glitter Heart range, from as little as £15!

6. Stuff to…..err….stuff

  • Who says you HAVE to have a sit down meal? Opt for more laid back options like BBQs, baked potato bars or fish n chips!
  • Skip the desert course and serve your wedding cake instead – it’s there to be eaten right?
  • Better still, have a Great British Bake Off. Your mates can do the hard work, and you can enjoy the judging.
  • Don’t have a free bar. If your friends are like mine, they’ll bankrupt you. If you really want to give them a free drinkiepoo, serve Jelly shots instead.
  • If your venue allows it, ask friends to bring a bottle and have a cocktail mixing station.

7. Don’t pay for twiddly bits

Now this is where some wedding budgets really go off the rails. You see something you love on Pintrest, you fill your basket every time you see something sparkly. Before you know it, you’ve bought 200 paper pompoms you didn’t realise you needed.

Go for a venue that doesn’t need tarting up. Industrial settings are great for a pared back, minimal look. Or get married at Christmas when venues are already decorated for the holidays. Everyone loves a Christmas tree!

Don’t cover every surface in fresh flowers. Although I love fresh blooms, they’re only going to end up on a compost heap. It’s your wedding, not Kew Gardens. Less is more, go for statement pieces. Choose centre pieces that can be gifted to Moms and Nanas at the end of your day, like this mixed arrangement from little me – felt botanical blooms, glitter swirls and paper roses. They last forever, and cost as little as £35.

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