Melanie’s Alice in Wonderland Steampunk Wedding

by | Oct 16, 2018


I love, love, love every bit of this Alice in Wonderland Steampunk wedding. Creating the bouquets for Melanie was an absolute dream, and just wait until you see the photos!

Black bridesmaid dresses, top hats and a red bustle-tastic bride!!

Weddings as beautiful as this make all the long hours and glue gun burns worth while. Read on to see the most breath catching photos, in all their glory.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Melanie came to see me at the Tying the Nott fair earlier this year. Straight away I loved her Alice / Steampunk mash up theme. When she saw the sample bouquets on my stand, her ickle eyes lit up and we had a lovely chat about her plans. There are some brides I just ‘get’ straight away, and Melanie is one of them. And not just because we’re both teeny sized bundles of energy. After hearing how stunning her dress would be, I couldn’t wait to get started on her bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. We worked through some design ideas and she happily selected the bespoke paper I designed. Using extracts and sketches from Alice in Wonderland, I printed the design out on a pale sepia paper. The end result replicated the pages from a vintage book.

Melanie was a joy to work with – excited but laid back. She let me run riot with the design and I love the end result. Her bridal bouquet was slightly larger than the bridesmaids, with oodles of themed detailing. Each handcrafted rose had its own bronze steampunk charm, making every one unique. I included classic cogs, clocks, keys and more! Pops of colour came from the teeny star flowers and swirls, in red and black.

The Devil’s in the Detail.

One of my favourite elements of Melanie’s bridal bouquet is hidden underneath the paper blooms. The handle was finished with a cabochon, featuring a quote from the book.

The three bouquets worked so well with the girls dresses, and I truly can’t stop looking at the photos! Hand delivering bouquets is always my preferred option. I love seeing brides faces light up when they see their bouquets for the first time – I’m sorry I made you cry Melanie! (In a good way, I didn’t beat her up or anything…..)

Melanie had a vision of what she wanted her wedding to be like – to be personal to her and her bloke, to reflect their shared love of steampunk. Having a strong theme gives you something to focus on, and done well it’s chuffin awesome! I think we can all agree that this Steampunk themed wedding was don VERY well, from the grooms top hat, to the tiny detailing on the bouquets. I lOVE IT!

Lets all wish them years of happiness, silliness, cake and joy.

Kerri x

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