Gloriously alternative wedding bouquets: focus on botanical felt flowers

by | May 23, 2018

Botanical bouquets are just one style of alternative wedding bouquets I lovingly hand make, and I chuffin love them!! These beauties can be romantic, dramatic, quirky or downright cute. This style of bouquet is incredibly flexible and can be tailored 100% to you and your wedding. As each flower is handmade, you can choose the blooms to include, and colours to match your theme. They’re a cost effective alternative to fresh flowers. You won’t have to pay a surcharge for out of season flowers, and they’ll last forever! They won’t kick off your Nana’s hayfever, or end up on a compost heap. Because I create each flower myself, I can play around with their placement to create different styles to suit different kinds of weddings. Read on to find out about the different shapes of bouquet your can have, and the flower varieties I can create for you.

Dramatic Botanical Cascades

For dramatic, bold, gothic, colourful weddings opt for a large cascade bouquet. They can be packed full of colours and patterns to make a big statement. Like this utterly glorious Peacock inspired cascade – it included EVERY flower variety I make, plus glitter swirls and hand beaded peacock eyes for the tail. I’m still in love with it! To read more about it’s creation, head to the Peacock Blog.

Flowers that work well in cascades are big and bold:

  • Dahlias, Proteas, roses, glitter swirls, rananunculus, fern fronds

Wild Flower Botanical Sprays

If you’re looking for a more boho/festival/natural vibe, then botanical sprays are the style for you. They have a looser, more wild feel compared to cascades. A mid sized bouquet perfect for showcasing your favourite flower variety, amongst a range of supporting blooms.

Flowers that work well in sprays are pretty and varied:

  • Anemones, buttercups, roses, lavender, lisianthus, sunflowers, peonies, eucalyptus leaves

Botanical Rounds – compact bundles of fun

Smaller botanical rounds are great bouquets for smaller or destination weddings, as they can be easily and safely packaged up. This style tends to be highly detailed to pack a punch in a small package. They draw you in to look at every detail. Super cute, and easy to display after your big day.

Flowers that work well in round bouquets :

  • Comic book paper roses, felt roses, daisies, anemones, buttercups, lisianthus, glitter swirls, felt swirls, small ranunculus.

Vintage styled flat back bouquets

If you’re looking for more of a retro/vintage style, flat back bouquets offer a quirky solution. As the name suggests, the bouquet has a flat side so that it can be laid down, with a tumble of flowers on the front. Perfect for adding lace, ribbons, pearls and gem branches, these bouquets have a classic feel about them.

Flowers that work well in flat back bouquets:

Flowers varieties available

I hand craft every petal to form individual, unique flowers. Some are small and beautifully formed, others are mahooooosive show offs – I love them all. Available in over 60 colours of felt (don’t worry, I’ll help you narrow it down!) Each bouquet is total unique to you. Below is a small selection of the botanical blooms I create. To see more, take a look at the Flower Range.

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