The Force Awakens with a BB8 Star Wars Baby Wand.

by | Apr 10, 2018

When my delightfully northern mate asked if I could fit in a special commission for her, I said yes without evening asking what it was! I was tickled the hottest shade of pink when she asked for a Star Wars themed baby wand for a momma to be. Wands are a great present for little ones – they can be highly personal, meaningful pressies. They’re perfect for flower girls too as they can withstand a fair amount of bashing, and can be kept forever. As well as a damn good mate, Northern Bird is also a dream customer – she lets me do my own thang. An utter dream for a creative like me.


Read on to find out how the Star (Wars) was born.

This IS the droid you’re looking for…

I’ve been itching to do a BB8 Star Wars design, and his shape really lends itself to a wand design. After a bit of happy dancing, I set to work with the sketch pad, and BB8 popped out to say hi.

Colour me happy…

Once Northern Bird had approved the sketch, I selected a range of felts and threads that complimented BB8s tones and shades. I love the contrast of grey and orange against the blue back ground. Every one of my wands is hand cut and stitched, with no two the same.

Building BB8

I starting layering up the different colours and shapes, to get the feel of BB8 in motion. As this wand was destined for a new born, beading wasn’t an option (they stick EVERYTHING in their mouths.) So we opted for chunky sequins, hand stitched very securely on both sides of the wand. The reverse features a simple time swirl, with additional sequins.

Tadah! He’s cute and he knows it.

And here he is in all his glory. I love him for his simplicity and cheekiness. I wrapped him up lovingly in my hot pink packaging and shipped him safely off to his new home (not quite the other side of the Galaxy.)

Apparently, when the Momma to be held the wand to her tum, the little one gave a whopping kick.


The force is strong with that one….

Those of you who are Faithful Flipsters will know how geeky I am. BB8 made me think back to last years Star Wars / Dr Who mashup wedding. I chuffin loved making those charm bouquets and light saber buttonholes! To read all about it, click here.

And I have to mention ‘Darth Baby’ my first Star Wars themed wand for little Daisy D. How freakin cute???

Bespoke wands start from £28 plus p&p. To view more examples, click here.

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