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2018 Spring Wedding Colours

  Are you planning a spring wedding?   If you are, a good place to start is with the Pantone Trend Report. Now I’m not usually one for trends, but when it comes to colour combos, Pantone are bloody clever pixies. Their predictions are usually spot on, and invariably...

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7 ways to avoid wedding scammers

Ok, I’m starting this blog with a some swear words. Apologies if this offends! What the hell gives low life scum the fucking right to take someone else’s hard-earned money, and ruin their wedding day?? UTTER BASTARDS!!!   Phew, right, that’s out of my system.The day...

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It’s not always a nice day for a white wedding

Every girls dreams of a white wedding, right?.....Errr....No! Not everyone wants a traditional, pastel hued celebration. The wedding world is a cookie cutter industry. But what if you don't want cookies? What if you want pizza? Or jelly? Or salted caramel chocolate...

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Wedding trends – Rainbow!

  After the cool, muted colours of 2016, it seems the muggle Wedding industry has decided to turn to the Flipside – Rainbow weddings will be a key trend this year! Yay! The clever bunnies at Pantone have no doubt helped, by predicting that brights will feature heavily...

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