My Blue Haired Bride – Zoe and Dan’s Wedding

by | Jul 27, 2018

Blue haired bride Zoe is a one in a million, and I knew I had to make something extra special for her navy themed wedding. The end result was a truly glorious cascade style bouquet, reflecting her personality and theme perfectly.


Read on to find out all about it’s creation. 

My Blue Haired Bride

Zoe and I share a love for all things retro and kitsch. I was soooo happy when she asked me to create the flowers for her wedding. Firstly look at her! JUST LOOK AT HER!! Bloody gorgeous, with a personality to match. From the moment we met for our consultation session at the Jekyll & Hyde cocktail bar in Birmingham, I knew Zoe’s wedding would be extra special (and that wasn’t just the gin talking!)

Zoe’s wedding theme was navy blue, with comic book references, the bolder the better (which made this designer do a happy dance.) We started by thinking about the shape of her bridal bouquet. She wanted something that would really stand out, so we decided to go for a dramatic cascade bouquet, packed full of detail. With the theme brief in mind, I suggested we try a design with felt botanical flowers, mixed with comic book roses. Looking through my felt samples Zoe selected several shades of blue that would blend gorgeously. To add some highlights Zoe selected a natural felt, and a bit of depth from ivy green foliage.

When I suggested we pop in some peacock glitter swirls, Zoe was a truly happy Moomin!

A cascade of colour and lushness

As I handcrafted Zoe’s bouquet, I have to admit that I fell in love with the mix of colours, patterns and textures. The silky comic pages contrasted the matt felt of the botanical blooms beautifully, and the glitter swirls were the icing on top.

  • Ranunculus
  • Felt botanical roses
  • Lisianthus
  • Anemones
  • Paper kusadma stars with glitter middles
  • Comic paper roses
  • Glitter swirls

Five unique friends, with five unique bouquets.

When Zoe described her bridesmaids, each one meant something different to her and she wanted to reflect that in their bouquets. As Zoe talked about each of them, I jotted down keywords. To relate each bouquet to the bridesmaid it was destined for, I added a themed charm to its handle, based on the key words I’d noted. Zoe opted for small round shaped bouquets for her girls, made from comic paper roses and glitter swirls. The chief bridesmaid bouquet also had a paper rose made from the sheet music for their favourite song (Hunstanton Pier by Deaf Havana btw.)

When I started to plan our wedding there was no doubt in my mind who I wanted to create my bouquet for me. When we met for cocktails (obviously) I had an idea about what I wanted and Kerri brought it to life! And completely exceeded my expectations! My bridesmaids bouquets were perfect for each of my babes and my bouquet was beautiful and quirky and cool and meant so much.
Thank you, to the moon and back, you star!

Zoe Ruston

I loved every minute of hand crafting the blooms for my blue haired bride. The result was 6 gloriously unique bouquets, which the girls can keep forever as a reminder of Zoe and Dan’s big day. Lets send them lots of virtual pixie dust, and wish them years of love, fun, cake and rum!

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