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Handmade bouquets that are 100% YOU.

Whatever your style, be it rainbow, rockabilly, Goth or Disco Fairy Unicorns (that’s a thing, right?), I can create bouquets that are totally YOU. And by that, I mean totally awesome! I use a variety of materials, to handcraft every single element, with love, glitter and a fair bit of rum. The bouquets come in different styles, so grab a block of dairy milk, and have a wander through the below examples.


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Felt and Charm



I know you shouldn’t have favourite children, but these beauts would be getting the biggest Christmas present. Felt and Charm bouquets are perfect for themed weddings, and are packed full of fun and character. Each one is different and I’ve made some awesome ones – Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Starwars, Disney, Nightmare Before Christmas, the seaside, sunflowers….the list goes on.

- Kerri, Flipside Bride

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Small, 14 flowers - £150

Medium, 21 flowers - £200

Mahoosive, 34+ flowers - £325




The closest alternative to real flowers that I make, botanical bouquets are big, bold and full of romantic wedding charm. Each flower is handcut, shaped and formed before being carefully arranged into the bouquet shape of your choice. Botanical felt bouquets are perfect for brides who want the feel of something wild, but in their own style. Great for boho weddings and alternative weddings, they wont fade, die or make you Nana sneeze. Because they’re handmade, you can have any flower, at any time of year, in any colour!

- Kerri, Flipside Bride

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Small spray, approx 10 flowers - £50

Medium spray, approx 22flowers - £100

Large spray, approx 47 flowers - £195

Medium cascade, approx 30 flowers - £145

Large cascade, approx 48 flowers -£225

Glitter swirl bouquet - £75

Glitter swirl cascade - £95




There’s something lovely about turning crisp, flat sheets of pristine paper into 3 dimensional, gorgeous blooms. A perfect wedding bouquet style for spring and summer weddings, these flowers wont wilt or end up on a compost heap.

- Kerri, Flipside Bride

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Bridesmaid bouquet, 7 roses - £45

Bridal bouquet, 14 roses & filler flowers - £75

Rose & star flower bridal bouquet - £90

Rose, star & charms bridal bouquet - £105

Flowergirl posey - £35

Happy Couples

I was so lucky that Kerri completely understood my obsession with glitter, listened to exactly what I was hoping for and then created a Bouquet that far surpassed my glittery dreams! I’d never hesitate to recommend Kerri and her magical skills to anyone – she truly wants you to be happy and goes above and beyond to bring your ideas to life……..if you can dream It, Kerri can make it – only it will be far more fabulous than you could possibly have hoped for!

- Kate Winchurst

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