Buttonhole Ideas For Non-Traditional Grooms

by | Mar 27, 2018

I see a lot of restless grooms in my line of work (I’m not a hooker.)

Bored grooms, non-engaged grooms, fully committed blokes, decision drivers, budget protectors. I love em all. I’ve got a soft spot for the slightly awkward feeling chaps, wandering around wedding fayres, not really knowing what to say or where to look. They’re usually checking their watch, or phone for the latest footie scores, or wondering how many free booze samples would take the edge off.

One of the highlights of my job is seeing their little eyes light up when they get to my stand and spot Captain America, campervans, or their footie team. A miraculous change occurs, they stop looking for the nearest exit.

Because they’ve found something FOR THEM.

Buttonholes are the perfect way to get your bloke engaged, a way to inject their own personality into a female dominated event. This weeks blog showcases a few buttonhole ideas for non-traditional grooms.

The Avenger

I love, love, love all things comic book. And not just because of Hugh Jackman……

Super hero buttonholes are perfect for grooms who want to liven up proceedings, add a bit of fun and colour. Why not have a different avenger for each grooms man?

I can make different styles of comic book buttonholes – incorporating logos, charms and mini figures. Complete the theme with matching shoe clips or hen do badges or keyrings.

The Jedi Master


**they wouldn’t actually take down Count Dooku, but they look bloody brilliant on the dance floor!**

When I was asked to create these Star Wars buttonholes, the groom was ridiculously happy when I suggested we incorporate the mini light sabers. And who can blame him right?! I teamed them with felt and paper swirls, with the Star Wars logo. They looked awesome with the brides Star Wars/Dr Who mashup bouquet. To read the Star Wars / Dr Who Mash up blog, click here.

The Footie Fan

Boing Boing Baggies! (Not at the minute though, they’re utter crap!) If your bloke is a die hard footie fan, these buttonholes made from match day programmes are perfect. With the co-ordinating ribbon stem, beadwork and enamel team badge, he can show his colours proudly. All football teams available (not just poorly performing Midlands ones.)

The Rockabilly

I do love a rockabilly groom – tatts, greaser hair, sharp suits ooooooh yes please! (Right up there with my love of Viking beards…….)

It’s no surprise that I create a lot of Rockabilly buttonholes. I think my love for them (and the men!) shines through, and that attracts the kind of groom who’s looking for something a bit different….the buttonholes. Not me. I’m married…..damn it…

The Loud and Proud!

Oh rainbow weddings, how I love you!! Some grooms want to go for it in a big way (others just get bullied into it by their other halves!) If you’re having a rainbow or festival wedding, you really need bright buttonholes – they make for great photos. Like this rainbow pinwheel buttonhole with polka dot star centre.

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