How To Make Your Wedding ‘POP’!

by | May 1, 2018

Colour Pop weddings are fun, personal, vibrant and I love em.

Some couples may be wary of bright colours when they’re planning their big bash, but pops are a great way to mix a traditional white wedding, with hints of something bolder. This theme is all about contrasts – crisp whites playing against bursts of colour. And best of all? A colour pop wedding can be achieved on a shoestring, and look a million quid!# Perfect for the DIY bride, those looking for an quirky alternative, or flat out rule breakers.

So let’s take a canter through how you can inject colour into your wedding, from cakes, flowers and accessories, to décor and more!

The Colours

When it comes to a pop wedding, any colour goes. It really can be any colours you want, as long as they’re bright and bold. My personal favourite combo is stark white, hot pink, green, yellow and purple. Gooooorgeeeeeoooooous!

Rainbow Edibles.

You all know I luuuuuurve cake. Like, seriously.

And I love it even more when it’s vibrant and bold. Below are a few examples of colourful edibles you could choose from, including cake, macaroons, cake pops and royal icing biscuits.


Beautifully bold and colourful blooms are definitely Flipside Bride territory! A gorgeously colourful bouquet really pops against a white dress. If you’re going for fresh flowers, every season has its colourful show offs. Steo away from traditional roses, and look at ranunculus, lisianthus, cabbage roses. Peonies always make me “oooooooo”, especially in bright pinks.


Most of the couples who I create bouquets for are looking for specific shades to tie in with their themes – comic book, superheroes, footie teams….the variations are endless. I very rarely get asked for pastel tones, although I’m a fan of traditional colours like duck egg blue. Below are a few examples of the colourful creations that have left the design cave recently.


Now this really is where you can have some fun, without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Brightness is key, for everything from groomsmen’s ties, to bridesmaids converse shoes, and rainbow petticoats. If you’re a little shy of showing your colours too much, you could go for a more subtle option and replace your corset laces with a burst of colour. Like this glorious creation from Mrs W Tutus.

If you’re on a limited budget, you can go for colour pop shoeclips from £15, or flowerbelts from £35. Team with a cheap and cheerful white dress off t’internet and you’ve got yourself your own unique look.

Corsetry by Mrs W Tutus.


This is where I went a bit mad at our wedding. I bought 50 hot pink and lime green pompoms from Aliexpress. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the venue were a bit miffed at the thought of having to hang them all (rightfully so!) Giant paper flowers make a massive impact, and are quick to hang. If you’re crafty, come along to one of my workshops and make your own, or you can purchase them in the Flipside Bride shop.

If you’re planning on unleashing a rainbow, make sure your wedding planner or the venue is happy to help you achieve your vision. Centrepieces that pop, colourful table ware and linen, streamers, mahooosive balloons, they all look great. Just remember to be brave and lean towards the dramatic.

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