Flipside Bride – Why You Should Hire Me!

by | Apr 3, 2018

We British aren’t very good at blowing our own trumpets. So this blog is a bit tricky for me to write. But I’m pulling my CEO pants up and being all professional (ish.)

So, why should you hire me?

“Let me please introduce myself….”

** you must sing that in a bad Mick Jagger voice or we can’t be friends**

Hi, I’m Kerri a.k.a Momma Flipster. I’m the creator/maker behind Flipside Bride. I live in the West Midlands, in the shadows of the Clent Hills. Momma to 1 crazy 4 year old, an equally bonkers Border Terrier, 2 horses and 1 husband. Most of them are gingers, and all of them are unhinged. My life is a whirlwind of glitter, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What does Flipside actually make?

I create quirky bouquets, buttonholes and accessories for non-traditional couples. I work with a diverse range of materials including vegan friendly felt, Lego pieces, charms, beads, papers and a lot of glitter! My couples want something different, that’s personal to them. In a cookie cutter wedding industry, ceremonies can sometimes feel impersonal – that’s where I come in. I listen to their hobbies, loves and likes, and turn them into something utterly unique.

Another fun aspect of my business is designing and delivering workshops, teaching people how to make wonderful creations of their own.

Click the images below to see my bouquets, buttonholes, wands, accessories and workshops.

I love turning your desires into reality.


Within reason! My couples come to be with a twinkle of an idea. It may be a theme such as Marvel, Disney, Rockabilly or Harry Potter. Or they may have no clue what they want, but they know they want it to be ‘them’. I am a whizz and turning a whisp of an idea into the creations they’ve been dreaming of.

I’m an interactive pixie, so drawing out the details is a joy for me. I usually start by providing a sketch, fabric samples and inspirational images. That gives me a foundation to build on.

The Devil’s in the detail, and I have so much fun hunting for charms and accents to add into my bouquets and buttonholes. It’s an organic process, with each piece evolving and taking on a life of its own.

I don’t believe in ‘the wedding tax’.


When I was getting married, I only had to mention the ‘W’ word, and prices seemed to shoot up. It really ticked me off. Why should a wedding bouquet cost twice as much as a normal one? I get that there’s a whole traditional vibe around real flowers. And they are utterly gorgeous, but it breaks my heart to pay that much money for something that will die. Just my opinion, no complaints please florists! I still like an occasional bunch of tulips thanks very much.

I work out my prices in a very simple way

  • The cost of materials
  • An estimate of how much time it will take to create.
  • Packaging and postage.

And that’s it. No added extras.

I love helping budget brides create the ‘wow’ factor.

I sell lots of wedding accessories to brides looking to dress up cheap and cheerful dresses and shoes. My range of Glitter Hearts are a great way of adding colour and character to weddings, without burning the budget. Pick from buttonholes, hen do badges, belts, shoes clips, wands and more.

Photo – glitter heart range

I’m and ‘I can do that’ kinda gal, so I love delivering my wedding workshops. Brides can spend a few hours nattering about their wedding, and take home beautiful creations that will last forever. Each piece is unique to their wedding.

I’m a social media tart

I don’t hide away behind my logo. I’m a real, slightly crazy, person. I’m all over social media, and LOVE interacting with people. I’m approachable and open to any ideas couples have. So get in touch, I don’t bite. Let’s have a chat about your ideas and see what wondrousness we can create together.


See more lushness

Head to my gallery to see real weddings, wondrously quirky bouquets, buttonholes and more!

Want your own thang?

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