Paper Bouquet Design Process

Considering a paper bouquet? Not sure what the paper flower design process is?

Then I’ll share it with you my lovely!


I love, love, love handcrafting paper bouquets. Just like the brides I work with, each one is colourful, unique and won’t wilt under pressure!

If you’d like to find out more, read on to discover all about the paper flower design process.

Flipside bouquets will still be looking glorious long after your final guest has collapsed into their pit. In fact, they’ll last a lifetime, and will be a highly personal reminder of your joyous occasion. Handcrafting them is a labour of love, taking several weeks and many glasses of wine. But I love it (the bouquets, not the wine. Ok, the wine too.)

Let me walk you through the creative journey of a paper bouquet. This is the story of you – the route you’ll take on way to holding the bouquet of your dreams.

Do you like ’em big n bold or ickle and cute?

I offer 3 guideline sizes, cunningly called; small, medium and large. However, as this is a bespoke process, you can have whatever size your ickle heart desires. You can have a mahoosive beast of a bouquet, or a petite posey. When deciding on size, consider the following steps too, as the number of colours, and flower shapes may drive the size.

I state sizes rather than the number of flowers, as that will depend on what size flower you pick. For example, a medium bouquet with large star blooms will only have 7 flowers (stems). However, if you choose to have a small swirl roses, your medium bouquet may include 12 or more flowers (stems.)

The paper flower design journey is an evolutionary one – each bouquet grows with it’s own style and beauty.

Colour me freakin happy

There’s no set rule for how many colours you can have. A bouquet in a single colour can be just as heart stopping as a rainbow explosion. I’ll work with you to figure out what colours you truly want, what works well together, and what patterns you prefer.

Some Brides prefer solid block colours – they’re bold, dramatic and definitely a statement. Others prefer floral patterns, classic polka dots or stripes. The possibilities are endless. I don’t carry stock papers, as each piece it utterly unique. I wouldn’t want to drag you down a design path that isn’t right, just because I have a shizzle load of hot pink polka dots (I do by the way. Damn you Google!)

Instead, I’ll listen to the colours you like, get a feel for the type of wedding you’re having (vintage, urban, disco……err…yeah, that’s a thing) and source papers specifically FOR YOU. I can create blooms from sheet music, comics, football programs, include your vows or first dance lyrics too.

Bridesmaid bouquet, 7 roses - £45

Bridal bouquet, 14 roses & filler flowers - £75

Rose & star flower bridal bouquet - £90

Rose, star & charms bridal bouquet - £105

Flowergirl posey - £35

Hello petal

Each flower is hand made, and can therefore be created in different sizes and shapes. Having played around with various designs, I find that the ‘star’ shape, and swirls work really well together- they allow the colours/patterns to be seen, yet still provide a sturdy bouquet which won’t fall apart. Paper roses are a dramatic addition to any bouquet, and look great in block colours, comic paper or marbled patterns.

The flower centres are finished off with buttons, which we can select together, or you can leave the choice to me. You can also include mini sparkle gems, which look really sweet for flowergirls. If you like the idea of a felt and charm bouquet, but prefer the paper flowers, I can add charms to the middle of 5 and 3 point star flowers.

Magic Happens

This is where the pixies take over! The magical glitter cloud whips up into full force, and forms your glorious, bespoke blooms into a bouquet. I don’t use oasis in my paper flower design process, foam or forms of any type. Each flower is positioned by hand, to create the the shape you’ve been dreaming of. I’ll send you photos at this stage too, to make sure you’re 100% happy before we add the finishing touches.

Finishing Magical Touches

Now this is where we can have some fun! Paper come with ribbon wrapped handles as standard. HOWEVER, you really can add personality by including some additional quirks. Gem stems, badges, extra bling, leaves, feathers, streamers – whatever you desire. I particularly love adding in family keepsakes such as your Granny’s buttons, earrings, or military buttons.

The bouquets in the images below are an example of how your bespoke piece will look. Yours will be totally unique and therefore will differ. Don’t forget I can adjust the colour scheme to suit your wedding.

ERMAGERD!! How do I get one of these?!?!

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