Botanical Highland Posey

Inspired by heather tones, this pretty little posy is handcrafted, and finished with a lilac lace ribbon. Perfect for a flowergirl, as it’s light weight, and will stand a up to a toddlers tantrums! It would look lovely in a little glass jar as a centre piece too.

I create each flower by hand, therefore any colour combination is possible. This piece includes a lilac and grey anemone, purple thistles with moss leaves, eucalyptus foliage and cream billy balls (yes, they’re really called that!).

Click on the images below to see more detail. Click here if you’d like to have a chat about your very own creation.

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Botanical Felt Prices

Small spray, approx 10 flowers - £50

Medium spray, approx 22flowers - £100

Large spray, approx 47 flowers - £195

Medium cascade, approx 30 flowers - £145

Large cascade, approx 48 flowers -£225

Glitter swirl bouquet - £75

Glitter swirl cascade - £95

ERMAGERD!! How do I get one of these?!?!

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