Botanical Winter Flatback Bouquet

I love, love, love the colour combinations in this botanical flatback bouquet. A cool mix of white, greys and pinks – perfect for a winter wedding. Every single petal is hand cut, and formed into a gorgeous bloom. This design includes peonies, anemonies, ranunculus, loop flowers, foliage and billy balls. She really is a beaut.

Click on the images below to see more detail. Click here if you’d like to have a chat about your very own creation.

Small spray, approx 10 flowers - £50

Medium spray, approx 24 flowers - £90

Large spray, approx 47 flowers - £175

Small cascade, approx 24 flowers - £100

Large cascade, approx 47 flowers -£200

Glitter swirl bouquet - £65

ERMAGERD!! How do I get one of these?!?!

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