Comic Book Felt and Charm Bouquet

This little stunner is a special design for me. Chloe, the marvelous Mrs to be, was scammed by a total A-hole on Etsy. She contacted me in a panic, just THREE weeks before her big day. She had been left with no bouquet, no buttonholes, and a considerably lighter bank account. What gives suppliers the right to rip people off!!!!

I’m so glad I was in a position to help Chloe out. The end result is an absolute corker of a comic themed bouquet, with super hero charms. I love the lego pieces – Wolverine, Captain America and Spiderman.

Click on the images below to see more detail. Click here if you’d like to have a chat about your very own creation.

Felt & Charm

Small, 14 flowers - £150

Medium, 21 flowers - £200

Mahoosive, 34+ flowers - £325

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Kerri honestly saved our wedding and created beautiful buttonholes and a bouquet, after we were scammed on Etsy by another supplier!! Thank you so much, can’t thank you enough!

Chloe Le Page

ERMAGERD!! How do I get one of these?!?!

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