Nightmare Before Christmas Felt & Charm Bouquet

OH MY GAWD!!! Where do I start with this one?! I’m a huge Tim Burton fan, and NB4C has to be my fave film. I just had to capture the colours and spirit of of the characters in this gorgeous piece. The end result is an extra special bouquet, jam packed with tiny details including; Jack and Sally charms, enamel badges, Zero, Pumpkins, a handcrafted Jack applique, glitter moon, Halloween Town mountain, hand embroidery, bead work and a super sweet handle charm ‘We’re simply meant to be’.


Click on the images below to see more detail. Click here if you’d like to have a chat about your very own creation.

Small, 14 flowers - £150

Medium, 21 flowers - £200

Mahoosive, 34+ flowers - £325

ERMAGERD!! How do I get one of these?!?!

9 + 11 =

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