Peacock Botanical Cascade Bouquet


My loves, I’m super proud to share with you my largest creation to date – my felt botanical, Peacock hued, cascade bouquet.

When my fellow Glitter Girls suggested we do a Peacock inspired shoot, the creative pixie in my brain went into over drive. My brief was pretty simple – jewel colours, damn big, and a real show stopper. And I think I nailed it!

It took over 30 hours to create, with each petal being hand cut and formed into beautiful felt blooms. I included Proteas, roses, buttercups, David Austin roses, ranunculus, and more. As a member of the Glitter Girls Collective, I just had to include some of my signature Glitter swirls made, from chunky peacock glitter fabric (what else?) The glitter swirls also featured on the glorious table plan (see below) I finished this glorious bouquet off with a ridiculously detailed cascade of hand embroidered and beaded peacock eyes. The end result is just stunning, and utterly unique.

If you love this style of bouquet, get in touch to chat about your very own creation.

Click the images below for more detail. Full credits for the Peacock Shoot below images.

Botanical Felt Prices

Small spray, approx 10 flowers - £50

Medium spray, approx 24 flowers - £90

Large spray, approx 47 flowers - £175

Small cascade, approx 24 flowers - £100

Large cascade, approx 47 flowers -£200

Glitter swirl bouquet - £65

Peacock Shoot Credits:

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