Purple Glitter Vow Renewal

The gorgeous babe you see here is my fellow Glitter Girl Kate! I was so honoured when she asked me to create the bouquet for her vow renewal. Her brief was short but glorious – a big ass, glitteriffic bouquet! I think I nailed it.

Kate sent me a few pictures of the kind of bouquets she liked, along with fabric from the dress she was making – yes, SHE MADE THE FREAKIN DRESS! Together we picked 3 shades of purple, and teamed it with a chunky glitter fabric called ‘hypnotic’. I love super chunky glitter – it really does sparkle, and this particular one included rose gold flakes.

Each petal was hand cut, and with over 25 in each bloom, it certainly was a labour of love. But my girl is totes worth it! Once the flowers were arranged into a large, rounded bouquet shape, we added in extra bling bling with some frosted green leaves. The handle was wrapped in rose gold ribbon, to mirror the flakes in the swirl, and fabric used in her flowergirl dresses.

JUST. FREAKIN. LUSH. The resulting purple glitter bouquet looked amazing next to her dress and the shoes Kate glittered herself.

Click on the images below to see more detail. Click here if you’d like to have a chat about your very own creation.

To see more of Kate’s amazing bespoke dresses, tutus and corsets, visit Mrs W Tutus

Mixed Media & Swirl Prices

  • Medium, 24 flower botanical/paper - £100
  • Large, 47 flower botanical/paper - call
  • Large waterfall, botanical/paper/swirl - call
  • Glitter swirl bouquet - from £65
  • Medium glitter swirls/paper - £75
  • Centre pieces - from £30

I was so lucky that Kerri completely understood my obsession with glitter, listened to exactly what I was hoping for and then created a Bouquet that far surpassed my glittery dreams! I'd never hesitate to recommend Kerri and her magical skills to anyone - she truly wants you to be happy and goes above and beyond to bring your ideas to life........if you can dream It, Kerri can make it - only it will be far more fabulous than you could possibly have hoped for!

Kate Winchurst

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