Your Two Year Wedding Planning Time Line – Part 1

by | Jun 27, 2018

You said yes…….what happens now? Planning that’s what. It doesn’t matter if you’re an OCD planning ninja, or a laid back chicka, you’ll still need some form of organisation.


Read on for part 1 of two year wedding planning timeline. 

24-20 months:


Get yourself a notebook.

There’s no need to buy a wedding planning specific book. I shy away from those because I want MY ideas to shine, not theirs. Any type will do – plain, ruled or dotted, it really doesn’t matter.

When you see anything that makes you go ‘oooo’, stick it in the book. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. It doesn’t have to be wedding related. Desserts you like, colour palettes from a magazine, a dress you like the shape of.

After a while, you’ll be able to see patterns emerge of the things you really like. Then remember those things when you’re looking at wedding purchases.


For techie mommins, you can do all of this on line of course. The advantage with that is being able to save links to inspiration pages for later reference. But seriously, don’t pay for an online planner. Do it in Word!


Set yourself a budget (then stick to it!)

Be realistic. Rather than totalling the cost of everything you want to buy, set a top limit. Then work out which things are genuinely important to you, and work towards buying those. Weddings don’t have to cost the national average (who has THAT much money?!) Cool your beans – great doesn’t have to mean expensive.


Decide who you’re going to invite (sort of)

I don’t mean list everyone and their plus ones! Just make the big decisions;

  • Close family only?
  • Everyone you’ve ever met?
  • Kids, no kids?

If you have a rough idea of the numbers (20, 50, 100…) you won’t waste time later on looking at unsuitable venues.


Pick a date and place.

Planning this far in advance means you have waaaaay more options and can pick a date that’s significant to you, or the season you love. Consider where you want to get spliced. Not the actual venue (unless you have your heart set on one) but the country/county/village. That will help with budget planning too. Don’t forget to check when bank holidays and school breaks will be, as that will have an impact on availability and cost. 

Look back at your notebook – which colours stand out? If it’s light pinks and greens, you may favour a spring wedding. Dark reds, oranges and golds may steer you towards Autumn. (See told you the notebook would help.)


Plan your paaaaartiiieeeeees!

Figure out when you can fit in hen/stag dos, and how much you want to spend. Take a look at my Hen Do At Home Ideas here.

19-15 months:


Are you hiring a planner? Do it now.

Planners can be an absolute god send. They can remove stress, save time and sometimes money too. I’m an organised pixie, so I did the whole shebang myself. But if that’s not for you, a planner could be worth considering.


Start stalking.

If there’s a photographer, make up guru or bouquet maker you adore (ahem, nudge nudge) start checking them out now. See bands you might want, sample food. Keep your eyes peeled for any offers your fave suppliers may have and snap them up.


Fancy an engagement shoot?

Now’s the time to do it, and it will also reaffirm your choice of photographer.


Start frock shopping

Many shops buy dresses in from the States, so it may take longer than you realise to get your mits on the frock of your dreams. If you’re going bespoke, start chatting to a few dressmakers to see what they can fit you in.


Book your celebrant/vicar/priest/rabbi/lay preacher/pub landlord

Ok, I made the last one up. Remember these people have lots of couples to juggle, so book them up as soon as possible. I can highly recommend the glorious uman bean that is Belinda Clark. She’s totally laid back, fun and full of joy.

14-12 months:


Book your suppliers

Remember all those vendors you stalked? Book ‘em now. Don’t miss out to more organised brides 


Pick your besties

Now’s the time to select bridesmaids and groomsmen, if they haven’t already nagged you to death. Don’t pick high maintenance divas or drama lamas. You can give them an idea of what your hen and stag dos may cost them, so that they can start saving too.


Block book hotels

If you’re having a mahoosive wedding or want your guests to stay in the same place, block book hotel rooms now. 


Send your Save the Dates

This gives people chance to book days off and will also flag up people who definitely can’t come, which may free up a bit of budget.

Swing by next week for Part 2 of your Two Year Wedding Planning Timeline!

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