Your Ideal Wedding Bouquet Shape

by | Feb 14, 2018

Once you’ve got an idea of the look/feel you want for your wedding, you can turn your attentions to what you want to carry down the aisle. If there is an aisle. You could be getting spliced in a yurt for all I know.

In this weeks blog I’ll be helping you find your ideal wedding bouquet shapes.

The bouquet is more than just something to do with your hands. It’s not only a fashion accessory either. Flipside Bride bouquets are a reflection of the couples relationship, quirks, loves and nerdy likes. So they need to be chosen with a wee bit of thought and care. They have to look awesome with your dress, match your theme, and suit your location. After all, there’s no point yearning for a ginormous cascade bouquet if you need to carry it on several planes, trains or camels. It’s about balance, bouquets need to shine, but not overpower or clash.


The tradition of carrying a bouquet goes waaaaaay back to ye olde times, when brides gathered bunches of garlic and herbs to ward off evil spirits. You may not have any Vampires on your invite list, so strong smelling blooms may not be needed.

Those impish Victorians used flowers as secret messages to lovers, with each flower having its own meaning. Emojis have kinda taken over in that regard, but bridal flowers are ever present.

The most popular wedding bouquet shapes are listed below. I generally don’t give a stuff about body shapes and trying to impose dress and bouquet shapes on people. Rollox to that. You like what you like, and that’s good enough for me. If you’re 4’11 (the best people are) and you want a big ass bouquet – go for it.

1. Cascade

Sometimes called a Waterfall bouquet, a cascade is a large tumbling spill of flowers and foliage. Great for a dramatic wedding, and brides who want something to hide behind! I love making this style of bouquet, they tend to have loads of colour and glitter. This is one of my faves, which I created for a Peacock inspired styled shoot with The Glitter Girls Collective.

2. Posey

This style used to be known as a Nosegay, and is a small round cluster of flowers all cut at the same length. They tend to be quite uniform, either made up of;

– similarly sized, different flower varieties, in the same colour

–  or just 1 type of flower, in different tones.

These are a good option for Flowergirls. They’re light, easy to carry, and tend to be quite sturdy. Below is a Posey made from tiny 5 point star flowers, which I hand crafted from comic books. Super cute. The Felt & Charm posey below was for a spring seaside wedding, with a pink, white and green colour scheme.

3. Round

A round is…..errr…..well, round. Like a more grown up version of a posey. The flowers are packed together for a denser look, and bound with a short handle. The felt and charm bouquets I make fall into this category. And it’s my absolute number 1 fave – they can have so much character packed into them, lots of colour and detail. Yet they’re still a relatively compact package. They’re sturdy, can be displayed easily and are the perfect choice for non-traditional brides.

4. Spray

Sprays are a more relaxed kinda bouquet. They have a wilder look than the other shapes, with a loose mix of flowers and foliage of irregular length and height. The felt botanical flowers I make suit this style wonderfully, as you can see below.

Why not try making your own paper spray bouquet? Click below for more info on my Make Your Own Bouquet classes.

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