Wedding Wands – Fresh Flower Alternatives for Flowergirls

by | Mar 13, 2018

Wedding Wands make great alternatives to bouquets, especially for younger children. They’re way more robust, and can stand more of a beating than fresh flowers. Here are my top 5 reasons why wedding wands are great for the little people in your wedding party.

1. Flowergirls need to feel included.

Lets face it, weddings can be a bit boring if you’re not the centre of attention. Or drunk. And vodka isn’t really an option for toddlers! Flowergirls will have to sit through everyone getting their hair and make up done, the ceremony, photos, the meal – and all without an ipad to distract them. My four year old has the attention span of a cucumber if she’s involved with any event that isn’t her idea.

So what’s the key? In my experience, small ones want to be treated as grown ups. It makes them feel special, and part of the conversation. Giving them their own accessory, will help them feel included. IT can be designed just for them, and be different to everyone else’s accessories – something special. It gives them something that’s ‘theirs’ on a day where Mommy might be getting all of the attention.

2. Small children need something bright & sparkly to keep their focus.

Turn on CBeebies at any time of the day and you’ll be bombarded with colour. BOMBARDED. It’s a sensory overload for those of us who are over 4 foot. Yet the little people seem to love it. It keeps their focus, and sometimes even keeps them quiet for a few minutes. A colourful wand, with twinkly beads or sequins, and swishy streamers will give them something to concentrate on. You can even keep it hidden until the ceremony is about to begin, then let them play with it.

** I take no responsibility for over excited toddlers screaming “LOOK AT MY PRETTY STICK! LOOOOOOK AT IT!!!” in the middle of your big moment. **

3. Little people love showing off (I should know)

Give a kid a new toy and they’ll show anyone and everyone. A great way to get Flower Girls involved, and make them feel special, is to let them design the wand themselves. I can make them in any shape or colour, so they really can go for anything they want. Superheroes, Paw Patrol, Glitter Fairies, Giant Flowers, Shopkins…..I could go on. You get the idea though. If she is crazy on My Little Pony, imagine how excited she’ll be to skip down the aisle, waving her extra special Twilight Sparkle wand? I know I would be!

4. Getting kids to perform for photos can be a nightmare.

They don’t keep still. Like, ever. Pre-schoolers never walk anywhere – each journey is taken at a jog at least. Getting them to smile on demand is nearly impossible. So how do you get those oh-so-cute Flower Girl photos? By being sneaky of course! As a Mom, I am the Queen of distraction and sneakiness. Your photographer will love you if your kids are happy and playing like loonies – think of the action shots! Little darlings swirling with swishy ribbons and shiny beading. Gorgeous.

5. Why waste money on fresh flowers that will be dropped, squished & picked apart?

Kids fiddle. They’re destructive. Especially if they know you want them not to be! Wands are way more robust than fresh flowers. They can be bashed, dropped, thrown and fiddled with and wont fall apart. And best of all? They can be kept forever, and played with after the big day.

I bet you hear the word ‘bespoke’ and think it equals expensive right? Well it really doesn’t have to. My wands start at just £25, and for that you get:

  • A design that’s personal to you and your flowergirl
  • A unique creation you’ll remember, rather than just flowers
  • Super cute photos
  • Happy little people
  • A wedding keepsake.

So £25 doesn’t sound too bad eh?

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