Get the ‘Wedding Wow Factor’ with stunning handmade felt flowers

by | Jun 19, 2018

Get that Wedding Wow Factor with these stunning handmade felt flowers.

Botanical felt flowers are perfect for brides looking for something a little different. They’re incredibly versatile, and can be made into bouquets, buttonholes, flower belts and centre pieces. As each one is handmade by me, you can have the blooms you want, in the colours you love, no matter what the season. Each flower that features in my creations is handmade by me. Each petal is lovingly cut, shaped and formed into the prettiest of blooms.

They’re an affordable alternative to fresh flowers, which last forever and won’t give you puffy red hay fever eyes on your big day!

Below are just a few of the flowers I can create for you, and I’m constantly adding to my portfolio. I love a challenge, so if you’d like a flower that isn’t feature here, get in touch.


Read on to learn how to get that Wedding Wow Factor with felt flowers.


Is there a flower more trendy, sweet and romantic than the ranunculus right now? These fairy-tale blooms have exploded in popularity in recent times as a prime choice for bridal bouquets and table centrepieces.   With a whimsical feel, ranunculus flowers create fanciful bouquets and corsages.


These little cuties are actually a type of ranunculus (but a lazy one!) Super cute, with billy ball middle they can be made in any colour you fancy. They make lovely buttonhole flowers, mixed in with foliage and smaller blooms.


With its delicate petals this alternative to the classic rose, Lisianthus’ are the ideal wedding flower. They look stunning teamed with other beauties such as peonies, ranunculus and roses. Often featured in centrepieces in wedding arrangements, as well as in bridal bouquets, corsages and buttonholes.

They symbolise appreciation, calmness and charisma, this beautiful long stemmed flower makes a perfect bouquet addition, showing respect, love and acceptance of self.

This versatile bloom looks stunning when paired with flowers of similar size – such as roses, miniature gerberas and hyacinth – but they also hold the floor on their own.

Classic rose, Rambling Rose and Cabbage rose (David Austen Rose)

Does it get any more romantic than a rose? They’re a strong option for wedding flowers, and come in many forms so there’s bound to be one you’ll love (or several!) Here are few examples of the ones I can create for you – the classic spray rose, a wilder rambling version and a super romantic caggage rose (or David Austen rose if yam posh!) Roses com in lots of different colours, and obvs some random out there has attached meanings to them:

  • Red, the lover’s rose, signifies enduring passion
  • White, humility and innocence
  • Yellow, expressing friendship and joy
  • Pink, gratitude, appreciation and admiration
  • Orange, enthusiasm and desire


The beautiful Anemone flower symbolizes protection against evil and ill wishes – perfect to fend off disapproving Mother-in-laws! They stand for anticipation and excitement for the future


I’ve got a soft spot for these cottage garden lovelies. The smell reminds me of my childhood, and they it never fails to conjure up romantic country house vibes. Lavender signifies purity, devotion, serenity, grace and calmness.


When it comes to building a bouquet that really stands out, the Dahlia is a reliable addition because its multi-layered petals add a lot of body and beauty. They’re said to symbolise staying graceful under pressure, drawing upon inner strength to succeed, standing out from the crowd and following your own unique path


Not just for gorgeous Scotsmen in tartan, the thistle has long been associated with strength, pride and protection. Perfect for outdoor weddings, with an Outlander vibe.


Among the oldest families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years, Greek legend tells us that protea were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon.

With its mythological associations to change and transformation, it’s not surprising that in the language of flowers, protea symbolizes diversity and courage. They’re big, bold and most definitely a statement.


Not only is it a bright, cheerful bold bloom, the sunflower symbolises long life. It’s said to encourage positivity and strength as it turns to face the sun. A strong, on trend flower which looks great mixed with with rambling roses, lavender and ranunculus.  It also looks stunning in a bouquet on it’s own.


No holiday ad for a tropical land is complete without showing a girl with an hibiscus in her hair. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, but most sport five lobed petals around a stalked center.

This is considered a very feminine flower and so is usually given or worn by women. In North America especially, a hibiscus means a perfect wife or woman (hah!) I can make them with or without beadwork on the petals.

Coming soon on the blog:

Paper flower varieties and glitter swirls (yum yum!)

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