Your Two Year Wedding Planning Time Line – Part 2

by | Jul 6, 2018

Last week we looked at the shizzle you need to do in the first year of a two year wedding planning timeline. Now we get to the ‘oh shit, I’m getting married!’ phase!! The last 12 months can be a whirlwind of paperwork, D.I.Y. and frock shopping. But don’t worry hun, I got ya!


Read on for part 2 of two year wedding planning timeline. 

11-8 months:


Sort your invites out

Either buy pre-made or approach a stationer to start designing your invite pack. It may seem early, but handmade invites take time to make.

Flagging yet? Get your giggles back on by booking your honeymoon.

Now this is where you really can save money by booking ahead.

Hello petal

Time to sort your florist out. Go back and check your notebook for favourite colours and themes. Florists will need to know this in advance. Alternatively, you can book ME! I can make botanical flowers in the colours you love, even if the real ones are out of season. To see botanical felt flower examples, click the image below.

Get your nom noms on!

I love this bit – TASTE TEST! Whoop whoop. Visit the vendors you’ve been considering and try their wares. They can help you work out the perfect menu for your type of wedding and budget. 

Book your big-day transportation

Be it a camper, old bus, horse and carriage, beetle or taxi – book it.

Give notice

Head to your local registry office and start the legal shizzle. Get this rolling nice and early, especially if either of you have been married previously. It’ll give the registrar chance to ask questions if needed.

7-5 Months:


Start drafting your order of service

Your planner or stationer can help here, they see hundreds of timelines. If you’re having a destination wedding, you may want to ask the photographer about sunrise/set times for those romantic newly wed pics.

Send your invites

Make sure you include an RSVP date, and be prepared to chase. Check with your venue and food vendors to see when their deadlines are.

Find your perfect bridesmaids dresses.

This will give you/them time to save for them and allow for fittings.

Book outside entertainment

Having outdoor shizzle? Book games, food vendors and bouncy castles now!

Walking down an aisle? Get your banns organised

Most Church of England marriages will require banns to be published before the wedding can take place. You won’t need to arrange banns until about four/five months before your wedding date.

4 months:


CAKE! I repeat, CAKE!

Taste as much as you possibly can. Pay your deposit and get that baker scheduled in.

Get your fancy knickers, wear them to a fitting.

Sort out your undies, especially if you’re blessed with big bouncy ones – you may need to get a bra ordered. Wear them to a dress fitting to make sure they sit correctly under your outfit.

Go on trial(s)

Test out different hair and make up options. Check vendors can fit all of your wedding party in. You might need to time to fit in a few trial sessions to make sure you’re happy with the look. I highly recommend the super talented, ridiculously tall Sarah J Russell. She’s my go to girl for my styled shoots….oh, and she did my wedding too!

Get your groove on

Pick the music you’ll use through the day, from the aisle through to the final dance. If you’re stuck, ask your wedding party.

Do me a favour?

Are you having favours? It really isn’t necessary as they often get left behind. But if you are having them, source them now.

3 months:


Who’s saying what?

Consider who’ll be making speeches. Let your venue and DJ know so they can schedule it.

Print your order of service and menus

Let your stationer know the details or print them yourself. Send a copy to the vendors who need to know, just in case anything has changed. 

One ring to bind them….

Get yourself down the jewellery quarter and pick out your bling bling.

2 months:


Let your hair down and paaaarrrty!

Hold your hen/stag do to give you chance to recover from the booze/dodgy tan lines/late night eyebrow shaving. 

Get your swag on

Force your blokes to a hire shop and get those suits sorted. 

Think about thank you gifts

Start buying think you gifts for your wedding party (or vendors….just sayin…) Why not buy some glittery badges or shoeclips?

1 month:


Double check everyone knows where they need to be.

Drop an email to your vendors checking they have your details for the big day. It’s not nagging, they wont mind. Check in with your photographer and confirm if you want any specific photos taking.

Double check RSVPs

Growl at anyone who hasn’t responded, give them an absolute cut off.

Final fitting & hair/make up trial


Finalise the seating plan


Pay up or shut up

No doubt you’ll have final instalments to pay this month, yikes.

Write your vows

Or steal them from the internet. 

Have a night out together

Phew, the last 2 years have been all about making it this far. Celebrate how fabulous you both are by having a night out together.

1 week:

Remind your wedding party know where they need to be and when

Pick up the dress

Then hide from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

Pay on the day

If any of your vendors are expecting money on the actual day, put it into labelled envelopes now and entrust them to someone reliable.

Food, glorious food.

Make sure the caterers have the final numbers and any special dietary needs covered.

Pack up

Sort out an emergency kit for your big day, and pack for your honeymoon.

Get your nails done.

Don’t go for anything too long as you want to be able to put your contacts in unaided!

The big day itself!


Get married, and leave the running around to everyone else.

You made it! Congratulations!

Wondering what you need to do in the first 12 months of a 2 year plan? Check out part 1!

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