What are the five reasons to choose a wooden hair comb?

How does the most important thing that is present in a human body to trap the sunlight and make your body to stay at a particular temperature. To maintain them in the right way you have to help them with their growth and also you have to keep them healthy. Many people will be facing hair fall that must be mainly because of the type of comb they make use of. It is a good hard way to make use of a wooden comb instead of plastic. There are many reasons to choose wooden hair comb for your purpose those are as follows.

Distribution of oil

The head will already produce you or natural oil that is called sebum. This is very much important for your hair to grow well and also to make the root strong. to make your hair soft and also shiny this plays a vital role in this process to make your scalp completely in a greasy way.


When you make use of the wooden comb this will control the static effect that your hair is facing during the time of winter and this will be mainly for the people who have dry hair. This wooden comb will neutralize the charges and make your hair to settle down in one particular place without getting static.

type of comb


You can find the tremendous changes in the growth of your hair when you make it off the wooden comb because this will gradually rub the scalp region and make the roots to be strong as well as remove the dust from the pores and make them have to grow out.


This type of wooden brushes will be mainly made of bamboo and they are biodegradable and this will hold to you for a long time. Most probably they are eco friendly in nature and provide you with a lot of benefits.

Dust deposition

Every time when you comb your hair there will be some dust particles getting attached to your home but when you make use of the olden comb you can remove those dust deposition easily for your next usage.

Final thoughts

Above explained are some of the benefits of using wooden comb for hair. You will only get to learn about the benefits of it when you use them. Try to utilize them and then you will never switch to any other type of comb.

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