How can you keep your hair from getting static in the winter?

The static effect will generally make your hair fly in the air in a straight direction this is mainly because of the electrons and also the changing of temperature. There are some of the ways on how you can keep hair from getting static in the winter to know about them you can keep reading this article.


It is very important to look after the type of comb that you make use of. It is good advice to make use of a wooden comb rather than using a plastic one because this plastic has the high ability to make your hair more static. In another way, you can even make use of the metal comb.

Dryer sheets

These dryer sheets will help you out in making your hair to reach back to its normal state. You just need to run these sheets on the comb that you are going to use or you can even rub these sheets over your pillow before you go to sleep.


You can apply some moisturizer to your hair or any kind of serum to your hair which will make your hair become a little oily and help you from the static effect.

Hair spray

To make use of the comb you just need to apply the Hairspray over your phone then you can comb your hair this will help you to tame those flying hairs. This will give you an ugly smell but it has a lot of benefits.


time of winterWater is said to be the best source for controlling the static that your hair is facing. When you are play water to the top of your hair this will make your head stay still for some time and after that, you will have to apply them again. You can find water available in every place and in addition to you will not need to spend even a little money to get water. Many have played the water to your hair this will hold your hair for some time and after that, you can again or play them this will make the charges to get neutral for some time.

Final thoughts

These are some of the ways on how you can get rid of static in hair and following the procedures given above will be very much helpful for you mainly during the time of winter. This can be done by your own itself.

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